My longest game of chess


…and one of my most memorable ones.

Earlier this week, I met a potential client, Grant, who, prior to the meeting, had googled me. So his first question, was not about Deloitte or tax but…did you ever meet Fischer or Spassky? (No to both, but in July 2012, Jane and I visited Bobby Fischer’s grave, in Stelfoss, near Reykjavik, Iceland).

We then had the meeting, and at the end, Grant asked me ‘what was my longest game of chess’. My reply at the time was that it was my 9th December 2010 simultaneous game vs Victor Korchnoi on which I blogged previously. Since then, I have wanted to find out about a particular game which has been in my mind for years, the time I won by playing …Nh8, knight into the corner, the one and only time I have done this.

One of my clients, Morton Speyer, happens to be a…

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