Kenya : Chess Kenya constitution seeks to bar non-citizens from international ties

English: Kenyan passport

English: Kenyan passport (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Coat of arms of Kenya (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After many years of allowing non-citizens to represent the country in international events, a new Chess Kenya constitution proposes to limit this.

The proposal, which is likely to draw various and heated sentiments, is contained in the proposed constitution scheduled to be ratified by delegates on January 20.

Article 10.2 (11) further proposes that a non-Kenyan will not be declared a national champion to promote the game among indigenous Kenyans.

It goes on to propose that all national teams shall be a reserve of Kenyan citizens only, but proposes that a slot may be made available to non-Kenyans who meet several conditions.

The conditions require that to qualify one must have lived in Kenyan for a minimum of three years, has a permit from their mother federation to play for another federation or has to be officially registered as a Kenyan citizen.

Over the years, Kenyan junior and youth teams have been represented by non-citizens something that has stagnated the growth of the sport in the age-group category.

via Standard Digital News – Kenya : Chess Kenya constitution seeks to bar non-citizens from international ties.


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