More trolling of chess tables

Shadman The Wonderguy

Different people feel differently about resigning.

Bobby Fischer

At some point in my inglorious chess career I took up an interest in individual study of annotated games.  I had one book, called something like “The 10 best chess players and the games where they prove it.”  I tried to find it on the googles to link to it, but to no avail.  Good book. Great resource. Pretty much unreadable for a normal person though.  You pretty much had to set up the chessboard and play through each game in it’s entirety to get anything out of it.  It would have a few lines of text every now and then, but if you hadn’t been following along (or have a way better brain for chess positions than I did) there would be no context for the text.  It was also in written in descriptive notation instead of algebraic (coordinate) notation.  Honestly…

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