The Kopec System by IM Danny Kopec

Recently I got a copy of The Kopec System by IM Danny Kopec who originally invented the system to frustrate Sicilian Defense players and later found it’s flexibility against other openings.

Danny Kopec

The system is well presented and very instructional on both a tactical and strategical level.



A repertoire for White. You are about to enter the completely different world of The Kopec System. IM Dr. Danny Kopec presents his original system, a deadly plan against all Sicilian set-ups. Fundamentally sound, it packs a venomous punch. With the Kopec System, you can spring virtually unknown theoretical gems on your unsuspecting opponents!


1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 … 3.Bd3


Part 1: Dragon set-up with …g6


Part 2: Russian set-up with …g6 and …e5


Part 3: Lopez set-up with …e5


Part 4: French set-up with …e6 and …d5


Part 5: Hybrid Structures


via The Kopec System |  | Kopec Chess Services.


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